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Get a touch of World Heritage with a Trip to Vietnam

Some have called it the gem of south-east Asia; it has been coined as beauty of the south by others, all referring to the magical country that is Vietnam. We were lucky to traverse the country and experience the bliss. There is something about this country that really had us going. What? You may wonder. Well, join me as we take a trip around one of the most beautiful, scenic and culturally rich countries in the world.

If you seek a serene atmosphere, an atmosphere that brings you in touch with nature, and a place that is comfortable but offers you the best of nature, then this is what you seek. I am talking about the Banyan Tree Lang Co Resort. Located in central Vietnam, midway between Hue and Hội An, the beach resort overlooks the east sea. What really strikes you about this place is the surreal atmosphere; one minute you are in the most rural place in the country, next minute you are in this mystical place. The villas are something else, so to speak. Each one is equipped with its very own infinity pool and Jacuzzi to offer you tranquillity, as you look out into the blue of the East Sea.

What is more is that the service is great. It has a concierge that can help you arrange for any day trips. Believe you me, you will want to go on one of these day trips. Not far from the resort, lying in all its glory is one of the most historic places in the country, Hội An and My Son UNESCO world heritage site. This is home to the historical ruins of the old Champa city which can be dated back to the fourth century. This satiated me since I am a culture enthusiast.

This beautiful resort, despite being hidden in the deep rural Vietnam, offers a great way to discover the best that Central Vietnam has to offer. Coupled with yoga at the resort’s gorgeous pavilion, delicious food and the beach, who would not want to go back for another trip?

Next up, we got a chance to visit Bánh Mì Phượng, home of the best Bánh mi in Vietnam. It also comes highly rated by Anthony Bourdain. For those who might not know, Bánh mi is a sandwich of some sorts, assorted with a lot from roasted pork and pâté to crunchy pickled vegetables and bread unique to the Vietnamese people. You haven’t been to Vietnam if you haven’t eaten Bánh mi.

Vietnam is really popular with its street food, and while we were there, we got a chance to visit Con market in Da Nang, jetting in aboard Silk Air.  Everything is cooked sold and eaten there, and everything is so delicious. Local dishes like the pho (noodle soup) and nom hua chuoi, a tantalizing salad are on the menu. Cashew nuts, crackers and other dry snacks as well as coffee are also available.

All in all, Vietnam is truly a beautiful country; its beauty, history and cultural diversity are next to none and it is definitely a go-to destination for anyone who wishes to discover a whole new dimension in life.

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