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Immerse In Nature And Adventure At Wildman Wilderness Lodge

There is always something alluring about the wild, especially for the urbanite. It is the other, an alternative way to bethere is indeed a call of the wild. Whether you are experiencing fatigue or stuck in an creative rut, an escape from the modern life can do wonders for both your physical and emotional health. But, what if, you are not the camping kind?

In that case, “glamping would be the obvious answer. It is the best of both worldsyou would still have access to luxurious amenities while enjoying natures delights in the great outdoors. The glamping industry has grown steadily in the last few years, and this kind of vacation has become very popular with tech-savvy, 21st century travellers. From cozy cabins in remote corners of the world to luxury lodges with personalised services, there is a wide range of properties to choose from.

If you are looking for glamping destination that offers both adventure and comfort in a truly unique environment, the Wildman Wilderness Lodge would have you covered. Located in the lush Mary River wetlands area, it is just two hours east of Darwin, on the fringe of Kakadu National Park.

Nestled in a remote and sparsely populated area of the Australian outback, it has been described as as far out In the Bush as it gets. This makes it perfect for getting up close and personal with natureyou can expect stunning views from right out of your window, and sightings of amazing rare birds and other wildlife. You can also choose to cozy up in one of the lodges beautifully designed cabins, or rough it outin one of its luxe safari tents.

For those who are not ready to get down and dirty in the wild, the Wildman Wilderness Lodges collection of pristine yet authentic buildings would make your stay memorable and as comfortable as possible. This oasis in Australias Northern Territory comprises of a central lodge, 10 cabins and 15 safari tents to suit the needs of any guest. The air-conditioned cabins are great for couples, while the larger tents could house a family of four or five people.

You can opt for a one-night, two-night or three-night stayeach package is carefully designed to allow you to get the most out of your time at the lodge. A single night stay comes with a 3 course a la carte dinner and buffet breakfast, while the three-night itinerary includes a full day tour into nearby Kakadu National Park, where you would be able to view the magnificent Nourlangie Rock and astounding Arnhem Land escarpment.

The two-night Wildman Escape package may be the perfect middle groundit allows you just the right amount of time to sit back and relax, while taking in the view and enjoying the delicious food. After a scenic boat cruise along the iconic Home Billabong, you would probably have time left over to take a leisurely walk in the bush or spend some time by the gorgeous infinity pool to unwind and recharge.

One of the best thing about staying at the Wildman Wilderness Lodge is how you have the freedom to put together a custom itinerary, depending on your preferencesyou can either do nothing, or get into the thick of exciting adventure, and it is entirely up to you. The lodge offers a diverse selection of tours, from safaris to photographic excursions, that you can book on site. The experienced guides have in-depth local knowledge, and your time with them would definitely be an educational one. So, take your pick: from a 45-minute airboat safari to a full day tour in the national park, and everything in-between.

For your next great escape into the wild, there are few places more beautiful or secluded to immerse yourself in nature than the Wildman Wilderness Lodge.

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