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Little Paradise, Rottnest Island Australia

January 2017, Clinton and I decided to head to Perth, with the sole intention of visiting what some locals might call an overrated island called Rottnest Island. Just a 30 minutes ferry ride away, it was a place to enjoy the simple pleasure of life, waking up early, cycling everywhere we go and lazing by the beach. The sights were beautiful and the time spent there certainly did not disappoint.

Being so used to be connected to the world in the digital age, it was a rare moment that i was genuinely fine with limited and temperamental wifi. I appreciate the fact that Rottnest was a place of raw, rugged and pristine beauty. Also the home of the largest population of the Quokka, it was enduring when we were greeted by one at our porch during check-in. The friendliest creature ever and rumored the happiest in the world. Feel free to pat them, but please do not feed or attempt to carry them. Do not be surprised if one approach you closely, it is common for quokkas. We got company during dinner one night even.

How To Get There (Journey – 30mins from B-Shed Fremantle to Rottnest Island)
Rottnest Express (Experienced by me)

Tips & Trick
**I highly suggest booking the 11:30am ferry and heading for lunch upon arrival. By the time you
fuel up, checked-in and rented your bike. You are now all ready to hit the beach. 
**Upon checked-out you are told to leave your luggage at your porch at 8am as there would be a truck coming to pick it up. Do not panic, just leave it out and head back to bed. The only time I felt this safe and trusting was in Japan, so I was both surprised and reassured when our neighbors too left their belonging outside unattended till the pickup arrived.
**Rent a bike with your chosen ferry company, the rates are cheaper and it is hassle free. There isn’t any transport available on the island with the exception of bus and coach tour.

Where To Stay
Premium Accommodation at Bathurst (Experienced by me)
Save your time and just head to the Rottnest Island main site, all available hotels and accommodation are run and owned by Rottnest Island Authority.

Tips & Trick
**Double check if your room has AC is this is a concern for you.

Eating Clean
The Rottnest Bakery & Rottnest General Store & Geordies Cafe and Art Gallery
Eating clean is generally easier in Australia and it’s no different in Rottnest. The bakery offers fresh baked bread made daily from local produce and organic meat pies. Geordies Cafe and Art Gallery is the spot to hit for the mid-day break for smoothies, shakes and juices.
General store has to be my happy place, i remember spending 2 hours just exploring the options and thinking of what we could prepare for dinner and brekkie!!!


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